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On This Day in History - 21st June


1639Increase Mather, President of Harvard University
1825William Stubbs, English historian
1905Jean-Paul Sartre, French playwright
1920Jane Russell, American film actress
1944Roy Davis, Rock singer
1954Anne Kirkbride, Actress
1982Prince William, Son of Charles & Dianna


1813Wellington defeated the French forces at Vitoria
1827Robert Peel made major redforms to the English criminal law
1908The composer Rimsky Korsakov died
1919The captured German fleet, at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys, was scuttled
1937Wimbledon was televised for the first time
1945A new communist government in Poland was established
1956East Germany announced the release of 19,000 political prisoners
1973Nixon & Brezhnev signed an arms limitation agreement
1978The musical 'Evita' opened in London