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On This Day in History - 20th August


1833Benjamin Harrison, Former (23rd) US President
1890H.P Lovecraft, American writer
1924Jim Reeves, American country singer
1937Jim Bowen, Comedian
1942Isaac Hayes, American film actor
1952John Embury, Cricketer


1914German forces occupied the Belgian city of Brussels
1917Bathing by Berlin residents was banned, to save water and coal
1940Leon Trotsky, the Russian politician, was murdered
1956Britain's first nuclear power station, Calder Hall, began operating
1968Russian and Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia
1975The US probe Viking I was launched; first craft to send pictures from the surface of Mars
1977The US spacecraft Voyager 2 was launched to the outer solar system
1990Britons were held hostage at Iraqi miltary installations, during the Gulf War