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On This Day in History - 8th July


1838Graf von Zeppelin, Designer of the Zeppelin airships
1839John D. Rockerfeller, American multi-millionaire
1851Arthur Evans, English archaeologist
1882Percy Grainger, Australian composer
1915Billy Eckstine, American singer
1932Brian Walden, Television political interviewer
1950Sarah Kennedy, Television presenter


1497Vasco da Gama left Lisbon on his voyage of discovery to India
1882The poet, Percy Shelly, was drowned while in Italy
1884The childrens charity, the NSPCC, was founded in London
1918National Savings stamps went on sale for the first time
1967Vivien Leigh, the British actress in 'Gone With The Wind', died
1978Mount Everest was successfully climbed without the use of oxygen masks
1981There were riots in Moss Side, Manchester, & Wood Green, London
1985Britain lifted its trade ban with Argentina after the Falklands crisis ended
1986British Steel made a profit for the first time in 17 years