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On This Day in History - 10th April


1829William Booth, Foudner of the Salvation Army
1847Joseph Pulitzer, American newspaper owner
1929Max Von Sydow, Swedish born actor
1932Omar Sharif, Egyptian born actor
1940Gloria Hunniford, Television & radio presenter
1941Chuck Connors, American film actor
1953David Moorcroft, British athlete


1633Bananas went on sale for the first time in Britain
1841The New York Tribune was published for the very first time
1849The safety pin was patented in the United States
1912The liner 'Titanic' left Southampton on her first (and only) voyage
1924The first ever book of crosswords was published in the United States
1960The Civil Rights Bill was passed in the American Senate
1972An agreement, banning the use of biological weapons, was signed by 46 countries
1984The Solar Max satellite was sucessfully retrieved by Shuttle astronauts
1986Miss Bhutto returned to Pakistan from exile