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On This Day in History - 19th January


1736James Watt, Scottish 'steam' inventor
1747Johann Bode, German astronomer; formulated 'Bodes Law'
1807Robert E. Lee, American Civil War general
1809Edgar Allen Poe, American author and poet
1943Janis Joplin, American rock singer
1946Dolly Parton, US country singer & film actress
1966Stefan Edberg, Swedish born tennis player


1793King Louis XVI was sentenced to death by the French Convention
1915German zeppelins bombed London for the first time in World War I
1942Japanese forces invaded Burma during World War 2
1962A Czech student set himself on fire in protest against the USSR
1991The Presidential Palace in Iraq was attacked as the Gulf War began
1992A new Bulgarian President was elected in the countries first free elections