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On This Day in History - 12th September


1818Richard Gatling, US inventor of the Gatling gun
1852Herbert Henry Asquith, British statesman
1888Maurice Chevalier, French actor
1913Jesse Owens, American Olympic athlete
1937Wesley Hall, West Indian cricketer
1940Patrick Mower, Actor
1941Linda Gray, American actress


1878Cleopatra's Needle was erected on London's Embankment
1910The world's first police woman was appointed in Los Angeles, USA
1917In Buenos Aires, South America, German buildings were destroyed by mobs
1919Adlof Hitler joined the German Worker's Party
1943Benito Mussolini, who had been captured by the Allies, was rescued by the Germans
1959Luna 2, of the USSR, became to first spacecraft to crash on the moon
1972Two British trawlers were sunk by Icelandic gunboats during the 'cod war'
1990Full sovereignty was handed back to the newly unified German state
1992Anthony Perkins, the US film actor of 'Psycho' fame, died