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On This Day in History - 14th September


1769Baron von Humboldt, German naturalist
1909Peter Scott, British naturalist & artist
1910Jack Hawkins, British born film actor
1949Amanda Barrie, Actress
1956Ray Wilkins, Footballer
1957Kepler Wessels, Australian cricketer


1812Napoleon entered the city of Moscow, during his invasion of Russia
1886Typewriter ribbons were patented in the United States
1891The first ever penalty kick in an English League game was taken
1949Dr Adenauer became the first Chancellor of West Germany
1959The Soviet Unions spacecraft, Lunik II, became the first to land on the Moon
1964'The Sun' newspaper, which replaced the 'Daily Herald', was first published
1973King Gustav of Swedon died
1982Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly) died
1992UN troops landed in Somalia, Africa, to stabalise the country & provide aid