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On This Day in History - 15th January


1906Aristotle Onassis, Wealthy greek shipowner
1908Edward Teller, American nuclear physicist
1913Lloyd Bridges, US veteran actor of television and film
1918Gamal Nasser, Former President of Egypt
1926Chuck Berry, American rock 'n' roll star
1929Martin Luther King, US black civil rights campaigner
1933Frank Bough, Television presenter


1559The coronation of Queen Elizabeth I took place
1759The British Museum in London was opened to the public
1880The first ever telephone directory in Britain was published
1913Sickness, unemployment & maternity benefits were introduced
1927The first ever live rugby match was broadcast over the radio
1968The Soviet Union launched the manned Soyuz 5 spacecraft
1971The Aswan High Dam, on the Nile in Egypt, was offically opened